They belong to the same political party called—the United Democratic Party. She is the Mayoress of Banjul, while he works at The Gambian Embassy in Washington DC as a Protocol and Welfare Officer. Mayoress Rohey Lowe and Mboge Saidykhan are getting married today. The two had been dating for a while now.

Rohey Lowe has been single since her last divorce. She is an entrepreneur and also the Mayoress of Banjul. She fondly calls herself as the “Borrom Banjul.”

Generally, single Muslim males and females, normally get married during Ramadan in The Gambia. Brother Kebba Ceesay, too has announced on his Facebook page that he had gotten married to a Gambian girl. Momodou Ndow has also married the UK Gambian activist Fatoumatta Payne Sabally. 

“Sex is a private matter, but marriage is not. Sex is not institutionalized, but marriage is. You don’t need a ceremony or license to have sex, but you do to get married. Anything that’s institutionalized becomes a public matter, period! So nope, marriage is not a private matter morm!,” Momodou Ndow wrote on his Facebook page on May 10th. 

It was Alagi Saidy Barrow of the TRRC, who first opened the floodgates, when he married his colleague Horija Balla-Gaye, the Deputy Lead Counsel at the TRRC, days before Ramadan. 

Please join us to wish the couples a happy marriage–particularly brother Mboge Saidykhan and his new wife Rohey Malick Lowe.  

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