The TRRC hasn’t finish its work mandate and yet Gambia’s Lead Counsel Essa Faal is commenting on what needs to be done and what not, post TRRC findings. He yesterday told journalists that if the TRRC report and findings are not implemented by the government of the day, the choice is on Gambians to vote the Barrow regime out of power.

“We should recognize that there is so much that the commission can’t do, but within what is our power to do, I think the Act that we have is sufficiently strong to assist the commission to do its work. But about the implementation of the recommendation, you understand that that is a political issue and not a matter for the commission. That’s why in my answer I said that I hope the Gambia people will hold their public officials accountable for their actions. And what I mean is, it is for us to decide whether we want our government to implement the recommendations or not. If the government fails to implement the recommendations, we as a people, we have certain actions that we can take. I don’t think it is even appropriate for me tell you exactly what those actions can be, but power lies with the people and not with any particular individual,” Faal remarked.

Faal was responding to one Njiejan Gorreh Njie, who quoted a statement attributed to Dr. Ceesay about the commission’s hands being tied. Faal wasted no time in passing judgment against the status quo even though his work as a Lead Counsel is far from over.

So, if our public officials failed to live to our expectations, we know what to do as a people. It is a civic responsibility. I expect that you Sir, being a very concerned citizen, would live up to your civic obligation, like all other Gambians should live up to their civic obligations and ensure that the government we have would work for us as a people. And I say no more about that. I think it is absolutely clear. Thank you,” Faal remarked.

Faal is apparently acting outside his mandate as a Lead Counsel. He is now doubling into politics by default. He is openly calling on citizens to vote against the Barrow administration.

Faal sounded hopeless on Wednesday’s press conference. It appears that he is not sure as to whether President Barrow is going to implement the TRRC report if presented to him. He is prejudicing the administration; the TRRC and himself by making such prejudicial pronouncements.

Essa Faal ought to have confined his comments on Yankuba Touray’s boycotting of the TRRC, but he decided to tread on politically charged statements. His statement has far reaching political ramifications—given the unfinished work of the TRRC.

Faal also claimed during his address to the media that Yanks Touray has allegedly committed crimes without using the word “allegedly.” Yanks is yet to be pronounced guilty by any court of law, and yet the Lead Counsel said he has committed crimes. That’s absurd.

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