The only problem is that he thinks he is.

problem No 2 is that he thinks he is

Problem No 3 is that he fails to appreciate that as dumb as the above people are they still understand the old age adage, namely, “He who pays the piper calls the tune”

No matter what Jammeh is his eternal smartness believes, its still true that “He who pays the piper calls the tune”

Problem 4: Its is human to want others to pay for ones ideas, no matter how foolhardy those ideas are. But it is more human to want to stop those who would have others pay for their ideas no matter how foolhardy.

Jammeh is Smart by half. ie he is aware of his smartness, but is not aware of the fact that smartness of self breeds even more smartness in others. smartness is the most abundant of human gift, because it is the only human trait that does not require the use of human intelligence. It is the default/fallback emotion of those who would prioritise survival, or mere animal existence over higher level human emotions.

For example, it allows those who commit rape, murder, deprivation of liberty to also claim godliness, or more accurately “create god in their own image”. Thus Jammeh being more concerned with survival, or mere animal existence, rape, gluttony. averice, greed domination, over higher human emotion would Jail, murder people whom he suspects of worshiping the the god that Jammeh has since replaced with one created in Jammehs image, a god that would worships if not jammeh himself, at least the Jammeh cult; a cult borne of rape (its not sectret that Jammeh and his military thug on first entering the State house – yes you have guessed it, ganged raped all the women on site. a trait that continues today), looting (eg looting the Sunwing hotel generator).

We can go on ,but that’s not the point. The real point is the Gambia, (even though the bulk of the population did not deserve it) probably deserved Jammeh as a route to its political maturity. It could only be hoped that hence forth every Gambians would be force to realise her power to shape and take control of its own destiny, having grappled with mere animal existence over the past 21 years.

Written By Badou Faal, A Reader

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