The Leral Show is going air shortly. We were able to infiltrate Yahya Jammeh’s compromised Imam Ratib Cherno Kah. We pretended to be calling from Senegal to sound his opinion about the border closure. Mr. Kah, even agreed to receive our delegation that never was from Senegal to visit Banjul to normalize the border crisis. The border closure is indeed bitting JK on his ass. Lol.

The Imam was bit apprehensive though. He doesn’t want to make any undertaken as to the possibilities of our delegation meeting Yahya Jammeh. He said Jammeh is a busy guy. But he promised to meet us once we arrive in Banjul to discuss the border tensions.

The Imam later had to transfer the phone to his son one Alieu. Alieu, asked for our call back number. Alieu, couldn’t speak French.  He had  spent some time on the phone trying make sense of the fake numbers given to him.

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