A huge piece of land located in the outskirt of Banjul has been reportedly sold to a Senegalese real estate developer. The landed property which was earlier earmarked for BCC recreational city projects, is widely referred to in the local wollof dialect as the “TANBI”—meaning wetland in English. Some portion of the land has been sold by the Barrow government.

The land in question was allocated to the Senegalese developer without any formal public bidding, sources said. Banjulians are not aware of the sale of the land.

A source writing to us from Banjul said: “There is an environmental disaster in Banjul Bond Road. The entirety of the TANBI WETLAND has been sold a Senegalese real Estate Agent; to burry the entirety of the Banjul wetland area. If it is completed, the following consequences will be the total inundation of Banjul just following a single heavy rain.”

Haddim has zero degree in any engineering discipline; let alone in hydrology and environmental science. Haddim has already buried a kilometer road beginning from the Boster pumping station so-called PAMACHINE, heading to Tabacco RoadTali Dawda. This is a complete disaster. I wish you use Google satellite to see the disaster being caused in the area. The project was never tendered,” he added.

The Mayoress of Banjul could not be reached for comment. Land Ministry officials were also indisposed for comment.

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