Guys stop mocking my grandma! She needs to live her life. You guys have proven to be bunch of jealous people. What is wrong with her carrying a fancy Gucci bag? We are living in a modern world. Do not be jealous. Fashion is something real. Damn it! It is her time to enjoy. Jammeh Musa, has rendered her likes economically disadvantaged during his brutal rule.

Now let get to business and address what some of the folks have been complaining at their dinner tables. Their concerns is legitimate.

Grandma Fatoumatta Tambajang Jallow, our Minister of Women’s Affairs overseeing the vacant Vice President, slot is now carrying an expensive Gucci bag. No disrespect intended, but it is too early for the Barrow Ministers to exhibit flamboyant lifestyle.

The Gucci bag she is carrying costs nothing less than 2,000 United States dollars, which is close to half of her monthly salary. Something stinks here Gambia. Perhaps, the endless per diem allowances is going to cater for the high maintenance lifestyle.

The average Gambian lives below one US dollar per day. If we are to revamp the living conditions of our poverty-stricken citizens, government officials must live within their means and minimize the materialistic showcasing.

Barely less than three months after Jammeh’s departure from the presidency, some of these Barrow Ministers could hardly afford to buy an air ticket to fly overseas, but today, we have noticed an unprecedented change in their lifestyles. Laugh Out  Loud (LOL).

We hope Grandma Jallow will help teach the Barrow Ministers to live within their means. We all know the salary for a government Minister. Unless, they are cashing in from somewhere other than their salaries….. but the flamboyant exhibition is becoming worrying.

In the meantime, Gambians cannot have access to reliable electricity and water supply. Cost of living is also jumping the roof.

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