Gambian Public Relations operative Fatu Camara has called on the former Senegalese President Abdoulaye Wade to throw his support behind President Macky Sall. The Gambian businesswoman says Wade is better off supporting Macky than the opposition because an opposition victory according to Ms. Camara, will delay the prospects of Wade’s son Karim Wade becoming a President under the current Senegalese electoral arraignments for the Presidency. She opines that if the opposition wins the elections, they will enjoy a ten year mandate, unlike Sall, who would be in office for another mandate if he wins. Ms. Camara spoke in the Wollof dialect in a video available on the SENEGO website. 

Ms. Camara owns the Fatu Network, an online Gambian media. She says she is obliged to support Macky Sall because in her own words “ Macky Sall stood by Gambians during Gambia’s month-long political impasse.” She said thanks to Macky Sall, Gambian exiles have now returned home and there is democracy in The Gambia today. She also praised Macky Sall for his statesmanship.

She told the Senegalese online publication SENEGO that Senegalese are better off by voting for Macky Sall, a leader, she describes as a man of self-esteem. She says Macky always stands tall among his peers during regional meetings.

Ms. Camara also praised First Lady Mariam Faye for her untiring efforts in canvassing for support for her husband ahead of the February polls. She said Ms. Faye had been on newspapers, radio stations and television to sell her husband’s candidature.

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