A rousing welcome awaits President Adama Barrow from his meet the farmers tour. The entire KMC is yellow tonight. Traffic has been shutdown in some areas.

A GDC supporter in Banjul, was somehow taken aback by the huge welcoming jamboree on the pipeline for Mr. Barrow and his entourage. I don’t think dictator Jammeh has ever pulled such a crowd based on the ongoing preparations. The rookie President wants to send a strong message to the opposition that he is here to stay.

” Pa, these place is all yellow. That is the reality. There is huge presence of yellows in the streets,” a caller, who identified himself as a GDC supporter told this medium.

The UDP is good at crowd renting. Barrow’s tour was a complete failure. Handful of people showed up during the tour to welcome him. They want to use the West Coast and KMC welcoming jamboree to proof a point that they had a strong following.

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