A group of Artist who have performed at the Independence Celebration Musical Event in the names of (T Smallz, Silky Criss, ENC, Royal Messager, Mighty Joe, Alagie Leigh & Manager of Holly Family band and co.) this evening attacked / assaulted and fought an Executive Member of Gampp (Gibril Faal) known as DJ Gfaal at his house serrekunda because they said that they wanted to be paid regardless of the fact that the funds available to GAMPP from the Inauguration Organization Committee / NCAC is not enough to pay all performances of the night! GAMPP’s stand is that no one will be paid unless there are enough funds to cover all payments. Gfaal sustained minor laceration 2 degree to assault and his nose and other parts of his face wounded by T Smallz who trespassed and assaulted Gfaal This matter shall be taken seriously and the police is doing what law says about this case.

Forwarded By A Concerned Gambian

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