The local staff posted at the residence of the former Vice President Isatou Njie Saidy, have been dismissed with immediate effect, Freedom Radio Gambia can reveal. Among the terminated staffers include: Cleaners, cooks, stewards, gardeners, and other support staff members. The decision to fire the VP local support staff emanated from the Personnel Management Office (PMO). No reason was given for the mass firings.

Some of the dismissed government workers had thirty years service record with the former government. They have been let go in the month of Ramadan. Their firings will no doubt cause economic hardship to their families.

“Hello Pa,  the Barrow administration is at it again. They fired the entire support staff at the Vice President’s residence that were there during the time of the former VP. Cleaners, cooks,  stewards, gardeners etc have all gone. Their employment was terminated through the PMO,” said a source.

“The former controller at the residence is the only one speared but reduced to  a generator operator. All except 2, of the terminated staff are Jollas,” he added.

The new Vice president overseer Fatoumatta Tambajang Jallow wants her own local staff. She has since moved to her rented property belonging to her own son Alpha Barry, a career  Chartered Accountant. Her appointment as VP, was hindered due to the age limit associated with the office VP and presidency. She is more than the age limit stipulated for the presidency.

The Barrow government is expected to fix the age limit barring in the next sitting of the National Assembly by repealing the law.

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