Gambia’s most luxurious road network and settlement community Brusubi roundabout (turntable) strip joint, has been transformed as a sand selling ground and heavy truck parking center, Freedom Radio Gambia can reveal. The main road leading to the busy intersection roundabout, where high profiled visiting guests and foreign dignitaries including Presidential convoys often pass is on the verge of being destroyed. Truck owners engaged in sale transportation and sale have transformed the area as a tipper garage.

The Brusubi road, is one of the few motorable roads in the Greater Banjul Area. But as evident on these pictures, the Brusubi road is becoming a gutter—thanks to what many called “the apparent squatting of the truck owners.”


One of the residents, who worked in the area, told this medium that the truck owners were recently invited to the Brusubi station for a meeting. He said meeting centered around the need for the truck owners to relocate to another outlet outside the busy intersection.

So far, no consensus has been reached as far as relocating the Brusubi tipper garage is concerned. Truck owners and sand miners continued to occupy the area.

Occasionally traffic is blocked at the said location. Motorists are delayed for hours due to the high presence of trucks unloading sand at the garage.

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