Fifteen people have been taken into police custody, amid allegations of idol worshipping. Some of the detainees are Gambians and Guinean nationals. They are currently detained at the Kairaba police station. Idol worshipping is not illegal under Gambian law. But the detainees have been accused of using money to entice folks to join their clandestine group. 

This followed, a whatapp audio message circulated on social media by a woman, who claimed that there are people going around town recruiting Gambians to join what she called “their Qnet Group network.” The group pays $100 dollars to folks, who intend to join their so-called network.  Recruited members are also paid $100 dollars per person they convinced to register with the group.

The unsuspecting recruited members are also told that they will get rich once they join the group. They are also told there are prospects for them to travel overseas especially in the West.

According to the lady, who was heard talking on the whatsapp audio, the Qnet group network had offices along the Kairaba Avenue, Talinding, and elsewhere in the Greater Banjul. She accused the group of trying to undermine Islam and brainwashing unsuspecting Gambians.

People who joined the clandestine group cannot walk out from the group, once they signed up to be recruited. Group members are told that once they joined the group, there is no turning back, the lady claimed. Part of their work include recruiting new members to group.

“As I am contacting you, 15 people have been arrested by the police. They are being held on allegations of idol worshipping. Some of the arrestees are Gambians and some Guineans,” our source said.

“They are operating five different offices across the country: Kairaba Avenue, Churchill’s town, Brikama, Westfield, and Basse. They work from Monday to Sunday,” our source added.

One Momodou Alpha Bah is said to be the head of the group.

The police spokesman could not be reached for comment at press time.

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