By the time he leaves the presidency, Adama Barrow, is going to be remembered as Gambia’s coolest, forgiving, laid back, carefree, and clueless president. With all the controversies, and the collusion between Amadou Samba and Yahya Jammeh, the former dictator, Barrow is today openly embracing the dictator’s former political hacks and enablers. This begs the question: Is Adama Barrow, an ethical and honest president?

Mr. Samba, has a lot to answer in regards to his association with Yahya Jammeh. But Barrow, being the phony character he is, wants to use Jammeh’s playbook to use enablers to pursue his own economic and political interest. Barrow’s conduct will no doubt water down the ongoing efforts by his Justice Minister Ba Tambadou to administer justice in this country.

Since ascending to the presidency, the rookie president, has no clear-cut policy to fight corruption; recovering the stolen wealth under Jammeh’s dispensation; and bringing to book folks, who colluded with Jammeh to wreck our economy and financial institutions.

Adama Barrow, is an economic, political and security risk to our country. He is openly colluding with former Jammeh enablers to further cause economic hardship and misery to our people. This is absurd Gambia!

No one is talking about Amadou Samba’s affiliation with Yahya Jammeh. The millions stashed at offshore accounts, as reported by the Panama papers, is not a priority for Barrow. He is only interested in lining his pockets. His actions will surely catch up with him.

The other  day, Tarik Musa, another former Jammeh enabler threw a party at his Kerri Serign multi million dollars home.  Foreign Diplomats and government officials graced the occasion. He said the party was meant to observe his home return. Even the British Ambassador to the Gambia, was at the party. His official car was parked outside Tarik’s home with the Union Jack flag on it.

It should be noted that some British air hostesses, were jailed in Thailand, some years ago, after been convicted of drug trafficking. They were sentenced to death. Tarik Musa’s name came up during that case. They were supposed to be executed but the Queen of England had to intervene personally to seek for their release. The air hostesses used to work for the defunct British Caledonia.

The new Gambia is going to be an interesting one. Tarik Musa is back to base. His 80 x 80 Manson, with a swimming pool at the center of the luxurious property, was the avenue for all night party. Expensive alcohols were served during the party.

Nyang Njie, the new darling of the former diasporan struggle was at Tarik’s party. He also had a great time at the party.

So far, Adama Barrow, has proven to be an inept president. He has surrounded himself with phony characters. This was not the type of political change that Gambians envisaged when they voted Jammeh out of power.

In another development, Ramzia Diab, the newly hired Gambian Ambassador to Malaysia left Banjul few days ago for Malaysia. She has since arrived in the Asian country. She is Gambia’s representative in that region.

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