A new political party is on its formation stage and it is about to be registered with Gambia’s Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), Freedom Radio Gambia’s investigative unit can report. The party, if registered in couple of weeks to come, is going to change Gambia’s opposition dynamics, a highly placed source familiar with the story told this medium. The party’s leadership is consists of experienced young and dynamic politicians, including some members of dictator Yahya Jammeh’s own government, some of whom have covertly pledged their support for the new leadership to effect political change in the country.

According to our source, once the party is registered and launched, there would be massive defections from both the ruling APRC and the splinter group opposition parties. This is the promised party for The Gambia, our source intimated.

” I guarantee you that this new political party will cause a dent on both the APRC and the opposition. The APRC would be finished once we are on board the political terrain. There would be massive defections from the APRC, the NRP and other parties. Our leadership had close ties with ECOWAS, the AU and other African leaders,” said one of the members of the new party.

IEC 2” We will welcome our colleagues in the opposition to join us to remove Jammeh from power. Our doors are open to the public. This is the party that Gambians have been waiting for. In a month or so, you will hear from us,” he said.

According to our competent source, some of their members were recently invited in Nigeria to witness the elections. ” Our members had good rapport with ECOWAS, the AU and key leaders in the sub-region. We are about to finalize the registration process of our party. In fact, there are officials in Jammeh’s government, who are covertly supporting us. I was invited to join the party and I wholeheartedly accepted the invitation,” said our source.

When asked whether dictator Yahya Jammeh is the one who created the party as a form of legitimizing himself in the event the opposition boycotts the 2016 Presidential elections, our source replied in the negative.

” The same thing was alleged in the case of Hamat Bah’s NRP. Even though, I disagree with Hamat in the way he runs hisIEC 3 party, I can tell you for certain that the NRP was formed Hamat Bah. Our party has ties with Jammeh. These are group of patriotic Gambians, who came together to salvage the country from Jammeh’s misrule. The leader of our party is a prominent Gambian. His name would be disclosed to the public once the party is officially registered. Our membership is broad base; very diverse for that matter. Having officials of the government as secret members of the party doesn’t mean that Jammeh is behind the party. The officials joined us because they felt that they are serving a failed leadership,” our source clarified.

Asked further why they do not team up with the main opposition UDP, including other parties to fight Jammeh, our source noted that the current opposition is divided and with them coming they will extend invitations to the parties concerned to join them to remove Jammeh from power come 2016.

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