I do not know Toufah Jallow nor does she know me. So I can’t possibly be holding any grudge against her. And my hatred for Yahya Jammeh is no secret to anyone out there. And if I wanted to go with the popular opinion, I would’ve just given Toufah’s story a lip service with the hashtag I AM TOUFAH.

But the truth is I like to think for myself. And having listened to her own narration of events which raised so many red flags, I can’t possibly bring myself to believe that her story is accurate.

In 2015, just a year before his two-decade brutal rule would be halted in a dramatic fashion, Yahya Jammeh’s reputation as a womanizer, a dictator, and a callous murderer was no secret to anyone in Gambia.

Yet the likes of Toufah Jallow took pleasure in cozying up to him. She willingly accepted his monetary gifts, job offer, and under the watchful eyes of her parents, allowed Jammeh to get Nawec to bring water source to their family house.

And you can’t lie down with a dog and then later be surprised that you got up with fleas. Equally, you can’t have your cake and eat it at the same time.

So for now, I will continue to worry about other Jammeh victims who never had a choice when their fate was being decided. The likes of my former colleague, Chief Manneh, who will never come back to narrate their ordeals.



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