When he told Freedom Radio Gambia that if the diasporan job seekers want to enjoy the fruits of their past struggle against the Jammeh dictatorship, they should join the UDP led government, many thought that he was just a loose goon and also a jackass. Ebrima Dibba jokingly calls the UDP led government Teki.com government. He is damn right! Qualification doesn’t necessarily earn one a job in the new government. All it takes is; one having political connections in the new administration. Loyalty to Ousainou Darboe and his UDP party is also a path to one securing a job.

Ebrima Dibba has started enjoying the fruits of our hard fought struggle against the Jammeh dictatorship. He is a Gambian diplomat assigned to Saudi Arabia.

Ebrima has been allocated a fully furnished house and an official car. There is also a swimming pool at his residence. He is no longer going to worry about paying exorbitant rent in Seattle Washington; and the daily grind. LOL.

Mr. Dibba’s job title at the Gambian Consulate in Riyadh is Protocol Officer.  Mr. Dibba recently received a Gambian delegation from Banjul in Saudi. The delegation was headed by CDS Masaneh Kinteh. Kinteh and co were in Saudi to attend a conference. He was responsible for their travel arraignments in Saudi.

His job is not that very demanding. He is only busy during the Muslim Hajj season.

For now, Ebrima Dibba spent most of his time eating afra;drinking attaya, hanging out at his luxurious swimming pool, and calling his friends, and loved ones via whatsapp.

Dibba occasionally attends conferences with his boss Mr. Bojang, the son of the late Sanjali Bojang of Brikama. Diplomat Lamin Bojang, the former State Guard Commander has been recalled. He is back in Banjul for home services. He is yet to be redeployed though.

Mr. Dibba has been a longtime loyal UDP supporter. He joined the party when he was a teenager going to school. He was inspired by the likes of Lamin Waa Juwara to join the party. He told me in one of my past interviews with him that Waa Juwara was his political Godfather. He credited Juwara for shaping his political skills and evolution.

Mr. Dibba thinks that the UDP is the most likely party that will rule The Gambia, post transition period. His political activism has been curtailed due to his foreign service assignment.

Mr. Dibba briefly attended primary and secondary education before venturing into Islamic education. He speaks fluent Arabic. He is a native of Badibu.

Dibba’s message to the Gambian diaspora is to rally support behind the UDP. He said there are huge prospects at the UDP.  He notes that one succeeding in life, is guaranteed by joining Gambia’s biggest party.

His statement was repudiated in some quarters within the party. But Dibba never backed down from his statement. He instead doubled down. He maintains that folks who want to be successful in life should join the UDP. He said the UDP is the place to be as far as one’s personal growth and development is concerned. Deggit!

Dibba’s boss is Ousainou Darboe, Gambia’s Foreign Minister. Mr. Darboe is also the leader of the United Democratic Party. The UDP dominated the legislative branch of government. It has over thirty MPS in parliament.

Mr. Darboe made a proclamation in the aftermath of the National Assembly elections by saying in the Mandinka diallect that ” UDP Yai Banko Taa” meaning the UDP has taken over the country.

Transition president Adama Barrow was a member of Mr. Darboe’s party. He resigned from the party to lead a group of opposition parties to challenge the former dictator Yahya Jammeh in the December 1st 2016 presidential elections.

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