The TRRC’s menu is drying up. They have taken another recess break. They wouldn’t be back to work until the first week of July. These folks are making easy money at the TRRC. They take vacation each time witnesses are not forthcoming.  Public sittings are usually suspended and they embarked on what they called public outreaches.

It has just been brought to our attention that Lead Counsel Essa Faal was in Nigeria during the month of Ramadan. The hat he wore yesterday was bought from Nigeria. TRRC insiders are talking. Laugh out loud. LOL!!!

During his purported trip to Nigeria, Faal reportedly met with the former junta Vice Chairman Edward David Singhateh. If this report is not true, Faal can correct us. We are yet to independently confirm this report.

Details of their purported meeting has been kept secret for now. It is not clear if Edu has agreed to appear before the TRRC.

Singhateh has been linked to a wide range of human rights violations. His former junta colleague Sanna Bairo Sabally had recently testified before the TRRC and admitted to his past crimes against The Gambian people. For Yanks Touray, he snubbed the TRRC during his maiden appearance on Wednesday.

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