I write with dismay and state of utter shock and loss of words when I saw on the front of the Point newspaper of Friday, 30 June 2017 the above caption in which in my view both the reporter, paper and Amadou tried to pollute the minds of the readership that clear the air or maybe hide from The Gambian populace about the happenings regarding the Panama Papers.

Readers will recall that this incident as I may recall happened about a year ago and it was not only Amadou Samba, who was mentioned in West Africa. Some of the people I heard came out to “clear” their names but we had our own Amadou Samba having to wait until Yaya Jammeh left before he will come out in the local newspapers to talk about this issue. Is it that he was trying to gather information to defend his position? Is it that he has total disregard for the Gambians and was only interested about his rating with Yaya Jammeh?  He will be in a better position to answer. Rumors were rife that Yaya insisted on seeing him before his departure?

When I read through the said Point Newspaper, Amadou Samba gave me more questions than answers about the subject and I now have a believe that he is hiding something and using the Point Newspaper as a platform to sway public opinion to gain sympathy and escape justice due to public pressure.

Amadou mentioned in the point that “ I only have an offshore company called Amasa Holding Company which was specifically registered in the UK for a property business I was engaged in. it was based in the Virgin Island” . Interesting indeed one account opened for one transaction and closed after the deal? Please can you come out plain Amadou Samba about the activities into that account when we are told that it was an account also mentioned in the Panama Papers?

We clearly knew such actions are also done by money …. I am not saying that you are one of them.

The point newspaper also went to inform us that Panama Papers reported that they found amounts held in three separate accounts all in the name of companies registered under Amadou Samba’s name. Now, Amadou what about these accounts? Can you tell Gambians about them too? And the total transactions that went into them including AMASA holding?

The account balances before and after the Panama saga? Please have the courage to publish the account statements of all the accounts with the point newspaper.

The Point Newspaper ( my view) in their quest to assist you win public opinion went to quote one Khadija to give some weight to Amadou Samba or his claim which I read and could not hold my tears.

I ask readers; do we have to depend on a journalist, the accused, the accusers or the courts to clear his name? Is this Khadija the one to tell us what and what not to use on this case or future investigation on the subject? Did this country not have good investigators who knew what and what not to look for in any investigation?

We know very well that bank balances and transactions are two different and what I am interested to know is where is this $900,000,000.00 coming from? What constitutes this amount? Is it taxpayer’s monies being diverted or not? Is it laundered money or not?  I think it is not a hypothetical figure. This figure needs to be investigated.

Quoting from the point further “while that figure may be the illicit flow from the country, this project did not look at illicit flow from each country in totality” Thank you The Point Newspaper for providing this. Gambians wanted to know illicit flow and not hard earn monies and I think most of us are aware that opening accounts in other countries is not a crime but it is a crime to move illicit wealth to those countries. It is equally a crime to aid or abet such.

Amadou Samba your reaction is too little too late in my view and has created more questions than answers.

I therefore urge you to have the courage and come forward to tell Gambians all you know about Panama. Please tell us what we don’t know and not what we already knew.

Please tell us those who may have used/sought your expertise, experience or connections to siphon poor people’s monies to offshore accounts if any.

I heard that you are an honorable man and please don’t disappoint me.

Amadou Samba, do you have any idea who these people or companies are? They have been connected to Panama by some websites. If you do know please prevail on them to come forward to explain themselves.

Amadou Samba

Frederick Jacobus Van XYL

Glaisdale Limited

NewCombe Limited

Gambia management limited

Utilities Development Company

Gambia Operations limited

Gambia technologies limited

Roxwell(The Gambia) Oil and Gas Limited

Enterprise house. Enterprise zone; Banjul; The Gambia

Source: www.louhew.com/gambia-panama-leaks/ https://offshoreleaks.icij.org/nodes/10098081


Concerned Citizen

Editors note: The views expressed in this write up are sorely that of the author. The author’s views do not represent the position of Freedom Radio Gambia. We encourage letter writers to use their names rather than using a pen name to settle scores. The Gambia is a free country now, and we expect folks to associate their names about what they scribbled. We also advise that in the future please send your rejoinder to the Point Newspaper, the publisher of the aforementioned piece.

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