Gambia: Breaking News: Barrow Is Going To Run For President At The End Of His Current Mandate!

Sources close to the State House in Banjul have revealed that president Adama Barrow is going run for another term at the end of his current mandate. Mr. Barrow’s political plan also includes: introducing a two-term mandate for future presidents.

Under the MOU, which was signed by the coalition government, Barrow has three years mandate to serve, after which fresh elections would be organized. The three years transitional mandate is contrary to the five-years stipulated constitutional mandate for the presidency.

Sources said Mr. Barrow has no intention of serving for three years. He wants to serve for five years, and contest again at the end of his term, sources added.

Mr. Barrow during a recent interview with one of the media houses said the issue of the three years mandate will be decided by Gambians. He said if Gambians asked him to step aside, he will relinquish office.

His colleagues in the coalition government said Barrow’s response was disingenuous—given the promise he made at the opposition convention; that after serving for three years he is going to leave the presidency.

Under the MOU, Mr. Barrow cannot contest in the coming elections. But the constitution supersedes the MOU. As a Gambian citizen, he is eligible to contest as far as the constitution is concerned.

Meanwhile, State House insiders have also intimated that Barrow’s social media page is being “covertly updated and managed” by a United Nations media specialist. The media specialist came up with the name BARROW-PORG Facebook page. He helps Amie Bojang Sissoho, in editing her press releases, and the upkeep of the BARROW-PORG Facebook page. The UN media specialist also helps the Barrow State House in the area of PR, Social media networking, and so on. He is some of media consultant for the Barrow State House. This is the guy, pulling the strings from afar. He is a familiar face at the State House. He is believed to be a Nigerian/Trinidadian native.

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