Gambia Training Authourity Now Called Naqaa Be Honest And Professional In Expediting Your Duties

Dear Pa, please allow me space to insert my utter most disgust on the operational process of the former National Training Authority now called NAQAA. Pa, professionalism and honesty are the elements which can give credit to any human being.

Pa, I read about the accusations Mr. Faye made to some people working at Pura for a radio licence.

Although I cannot confirm the authenticity   of that story, but with the experience I had myself with a so called professional working at NAQAA, I am now convince  that corruption is  flowing  left ,right, and centre  in some of these public enterprises in our country. NAQAA,to my understanding  is a regulatory body  responsible  to  monitor ,control and endorse accreditation to  the training institutions in the Gambia.Pa,during the time of Gawlo Nyang  as  the then Director General  of this institution things were moving  smoothly to the satisfaction of both parents and the various training institutions, things were professional done without any favour  or discrimination towards these training  institutions. My story is this, in fact, I am also a qualify teacher, but change my field and am now a qualify Engineer. I am currently sponsoring two of my children in one of these training institutions in The Gambia registered with NAQAA.Prior to my sponsoring of my kids, I told them

Out of courtesy to go to NAQAA and enquire the most reputable institutions to send my kids to enhance their qualifications. This incident happened about seven months ago, prior to my kids going to enquire to Naqaa. I had already decided with them to the training institution they have to attend.

When they went to NAQAA, they spoke to this flamboyant officer working in NAQAA, to enquire about the training institutions he would recommend for them to attend. This unprofessional and dishonest Naqaa employee, recommended them to another institution to my surprise. When we went to the training institution recommended by this NAQAA employee, unfortunately for him

The director we met there is a cousin of mine and we are very close, I told him about our mission in there and his institution was recommended by Mr. (name withheld) from Naqaa, he laughed, and told me in confidence that, well you know you are my family member I will not hide anything to you

But this is not the right institute for your kids ,because to be frank the man  you mentioned who introduced you to us currently working at Naqaa is a disguise shareholder in this training institute, he has 30 % of the shares of this institute, and the other guy  working in the same  NAQAA(NAME WITHHELD) also has 15% of the  shares, and I have the remaining 55%,because of this, we never had any problem with registration and  Audit checks with Naqaa.Pa,this particular institution is situated from WESTFIELD going towards tabokotto.Pa,if regulators who are supposed to give a true and fair view of these institutions are so corrupt, then who should we trust?.

No wonder, some institutions have an easy ride when it comes to issuing licence from NAQAA, and others are deliberately block for the issuance of licence attributed with flimsy excuses. However, this new Director General of NAQAA,Dr.JOW,is completely innocent  from such dubious deals, he seems to be a honest and straight forward looking gentleman.But,I will not hesitate to say also that, since the time he assumed office, the encouragement of some of the  training institutions  from NAQAA is really declining, he should really use a strategy of institutional retention rather than destruction,although,most people are saying that  because he is a new broom, the  old hands  are misleading him a lot to an extent that he is losing popularity .He  has to be very objective in his decision making process. One thing NAQAA, always fail to realise is that the parents paying the fees of the students, and the students themselves are more vigilant when it comes to selecting a training institution. No wonder parents are now more focus to training institutions who normally sit their external certificate exams at WAEC, because the external examiners don’t know Pateh, Samba, or Demba.Regulation is very beneficial to the educational development of any country, if done fairly by the regulators. Although, Gambia is rated as having one of the best National Training Vocational Institutions in the sub region, because examinations papers are normally not leak at our Gambia WAEC office. As a onetime teacher, I took the opportunity to visit most of the institutions doing external examinations, and they are all found to be delivering with excellence.

I recommend for the ministry of higher education to work closely with NAQAA to encourage and retain training institutions with the potentials of growing big in the future for the benefits of our children. Is really far cheaper to sit and do some of these courses in the Gambia, than sending your kids or employees overseas to go and do these courses abroad. This should be a fundamental role of NAQAA. Professionalism, and honesty, should be the prevailing tools in the entire machinery of good governance and operational strategies in all The Public Enterprises and Government of The Gambia.

For those two dishonest NAQAA staff, if you misbehave further, I will not have no other options

But to vent your names out in my next issue. You mischievous crooks.

Thanks Pa, for putting this article in your widely read newspaper. We thank you always for opening the doors to freedom in The Gambia.

Bakary Lamin  Bojang.

Gambian Citizen

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