Gambia: Bazzi Allegedly Having A Go At Manjang Over The Tina Theresa Gas Vessel Controversy!

Dear Pa,

I am not defending Hassib Massey, but Muhammed Bazzi is not better than him. Bazzi is running a petroleum business in this country, and yet no one is harassing him. They are not complaining about Bazzi. The source who wrote to you failed to tell you that Manjang was pressured by Bazzi and his lawyer not to let the vessel Tina Theresa to dock at the ports.  He was told that if he allowed the vessel to dock and discharge the fuel he was going to be fired. But he never heeded to their threats.

Bazzi is very powerful. He is widely feared. Under Jammeh’s rule, no one dares question him or obstruct his business. Thanks to Bazzi, many have been jailed. He was virtually running the energy sector. NAWEC was rendered in doldrums thanks to Bazzi’s domination of this sector. You were all here when he was supplying power to the consumers.

For your information, the Gam-petroleum  terminal manager is an American citizen, with no background in the petroleum industry. He is Bazzi’s in-law.

The operations manager is Muhammed Bazzi junior. He insisted that Tina Theresa should not be allowed to dock because his dad’s vessel was due to arrive in Banjul. How can Mr. Bazzi be allowed to bring oil in the country, when he hasn’t given anything to president Barrow. I was told that he met with Barrow during his trip to Sierra Leone.

The Mandinary terminal is still operated by Bazzi’s group and enablers. This is a fight between Hassib and Bazzi. I would rather deal with Hassib than Bazzi.

HFO was supplied to NAEC by GNPC at 380 dollars per ton. Sirra Wally and co were arrested because Jammeh said it was too expensive.  Bazzi came to Jammeh and told him that he can reduce the price. Please do your own investigations.  Bazzi sold it to NAWEC for 580 dollars per ton. Now Bazzi, is selling it for 375 dollars per ton. Now which of the two devils is better?

Mr. Bazzi is controlling the country’s backbone—which is the economy. As we are talking, his gas vessel is discharging 500 metric tons of gas. Why cant Edi Jobe, do it? Why cant Jah oil do it?   Apart from Muhammed Manjang, who dares refused Bazzi’s orders? Not Barrow or Fatoumatta Tambajang Jallow.

Written By A Concerned Reader

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