Yahya Jammeh bought hundred cars, at $200,000 each, says OJ

Omar Jallow, alias PPP Leader has unveiled that Yahya Jammeh bought up to hundred luxurious cars, with each costing over $200,000.
Speaking during a political rally held in Talinding Kujang recently, Hon. Jallow, who is also Gambia’s Agriculture Minister accused former President- Yahya Jammeh of exploitation of the country’s economy, and misuse of public funds. 
He said all the developments in the Kanifing  Municipality  were done by the PPP Government, but Yahya Jammeh came and undermined development and suffocated Gambians. 
He said Yahya Jammeh spent such huge amount of money to purchase luxurious cars and lived flamboyant lifestyle, while subjecting Gambians suffering, with youth lacks employment. “You don’t hear youth going through the back-way during the PPP regime, but when Yahya Jammeh came to power, he don’t what to say, he don’t know what to do; insulting the West, and they closed their doors.
As a result Gambians find it difficult to get jobs. Travel by air which was easy during the PPP regime, was made difficult during the APRC Government. Before you only need a ticket and you are given USA Visa at the Airport, but Yahya Jammeh came and ruined everything, and made life difficults to live in The Gambia,” he said. He added that the circumstances made many youth to fled out of the country, through the back-way to Europe, because they feel embarrassed to stay back home, and cannot perform their duty bound responsibilities, in helping their parents and families. 
Written By Madi S Njie, Banjul
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