Gambia: Secret Graves: A Readers Perspective!

Dear Sir,
I want to suggest to the Barrow Government to conduct a radio and TV programme to engage the people through the office of IGP to give information as to where unknown Dead bodies have been buried because the few Junglers of Yaya Jammeh arrested can not locate all the hidden grave yards of Yaya Jammehs death Victims. TO KNOW HOW CUNNING AND WICKET YAYA JAMMEH IS:
1. Some communities Grave Yards were used and their Imams or mosque committee members may be aware of seeing new grave yards that no one could have known who made the burial.This is typical of Sinchu Alagi and in Kanifing Graveyards.
2. The Crocodile pools in Kanilia should all be drained and pick out any Bones found in those ponds for DNA not forgetting the WELL not far from Kanilia.
3. Dictator Yaya Jammehs Gardens, Orchards and Farms should also be well inspected.
4. The various Military Barracks in thye country have secret Graves that shopuld be exhumed.
5. The Bunkers within the Fonis and the Forest Parks should be investigated, but the public must be involved and people’s identity
should be well protected
All these was done to avoid tracing evidences against him.Otherwise the team that started working in the forest to trace the secret graves will just be like flocking a death horse. The various commissions should be quickly set up and things kick off.
From An Insider.
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