US Deports Over 130 Senegalese Migrants !

Over 130 Senegalese migrants have been deported by the Trump administration. Some of the deportees have been living in the United States for many years. They were rounded up and deported to their native country. They arrived home empty handed. Some left their kids and families behind in the US.

Some of the deportees said the arresting officers used force before they were taken into custody. They were processed and later deported. Some were under deportation proceedings.

One of the deportees accused the Senegalese Ambassador to the US of refusing to come to their aid. He alleged that they were detained together with nationals from the Gambia, Guinea, Nigeria, and elsewhere in the continent, but Ambassadors from the aforementioned countries refused to have their nationals deported. He said many a time non-Senegalese detainees are held for five months and released, while Senegalese detainees are being routinely deported from the US.

In recent weeks, the US Immigration Services, have been cracking down on illegal immigrants. A good number of illegals have been deported.

The Trump administration has hired an additional 10,000 ICE agents to help facilitate the deportation of migrants lined up for deportation. A travel ban has also been issued recently.

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