How do we reduce the polarization and the meanness in our politics

More precisely, the propagandistic, partisan movement Shrouded in obsolete ideas ,  less vibrant, less creative and less effective policy wise  and has nothing to offer except demagogy are paving the way for the ruination of our politics. The only concern is they have occupied a lonely journalistic space and have been proselytizing a lot of young into this ideology.

For the past 52 years, Gambians have been suffering from stagnant wages, meager opportunity, social isolation and household fragmentation. These are not the issues being discussed . Their  demagogy has filled the void and airwaves or our timelines are filled with distilling dense concepts of misconceptions. The insufferable scold, a pompous sermonizer are out their loud voices and very influential .

They seek attention  through perpetual hysteria and simple-minded polemics and by exploiting cultural resentment. In search of that mass audience through Social Media and Washapp messages, people say the most ridiculous and  offensive things to people . But that is the essential truth.

It’s now abundantly clear that the political chicanery by inexperience politician and surrogates perpetuating a continual theme of negativity that overburdened by political limitations of certain party leaders,  are  having negative repercussions on people’s fragile mind and causing unnecessary misdirection that could be read as purely diversionary.

The protracted bloodletting of people’s  characters (whose contributions to Gambia at any point in its history), just for earning few seats   in this up coming National Assembly Elections, has intensified unnecessarily. We have seen this replacement  ideological plan of Yaya Jammeh era style of polictics where they create biggest blunders, divisions and later prod elders to peach peace or tell us we are one Gambia.

Halifa Sallah one of the best cerebral thinkers  in seeking solutions of keenly witted problems of the Nation, a honorable man whose wisdom would have been highly appreciated, is being label with all kinds of names by those hellbent on governing by fiction (super depressing )rather than by fact .

Gross, right? It is no secret that the impact of the toxic fruits of labor of “denigrating peoples character “ by  those Gambians with chameleon tendencies — undermined those decent intellectual’s — by propagating   unparalleled  mischaracterizing of damaging misconceptions about them.

This is the type of twisted thinking is just to make people’s careers careen of the cliff.
What is sad is easily spooked Gambians are buying into such schemes. Essentially, It’s about a stubborn, frankly absurd belief of wrapping around their arms and holding it tide to suffocate those who care about people, our Country and have the most respected personality .

We need to refocus and let people with right qualifications help us cleanse a lot of bad structures and open ground for new growth for New Gambia. Listen to those with common sense values  and have the interest of Country at heart.

By Habib drammeh

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