Gambia: Former Jammeh Enablers Reinstated Into The Army!

The following sacked officers have been reinstated. Some of the reinstated officers  used to be Jammeh enablers. The list goes like this:

1. Major General Saikou Seckan ( Jammeh Enabler once mentally institutionalized)

    1. Brigadier General Madani Senghore
    2. Brigadier General Alhagie Martin (Jammeh Enabler)
    3. Brigadier General Mamat Cham alias Sembeh
    4. Colonel Sambou Barrow.
    5. Captain Baba Galleh Bah
    6. Captain Bakary Camara (Jammeh Enabler)
    7. List below is the reinstated 30 December “Heroes.”
  1. 1. Lt Colonel Sarjo Jarju

2.Captain Abdoulie Jobe

  1. Captain Buba Bojang
  2. Lt Buba Sanneh
  3. Private Modou Nji

Meanwhile, honest and seasoned officers like Assan Sarr, former CDS, Colonel Pa Modou Ann, and others have been sidelined. Turo Jawneh, an old guard former officer,  is said to have been promoted to the rank of Colonel. He was in Dakar with President Barrow. He is believed to be Barrow’s new security adviser. We are monitoring developments.

In another development, Lieutenant Yankuba Sanyang, who was in Equatorial Guinea, with Jammeh, has just returned into the country. He was never arrested. He is going about his business.

The former State Guards soldiers wanted in connection with the burning of the APRC bureau have been reinstated. The reinstated soldiers were not jungullars as earlier reported,  a source told us. They acted in the best interest of the country to sabotage Jammeh, the source added.

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