Gambia: Breaking News: ” Ousainou Darboe, Is My Father,” President Barrow Tells Paris Meeting!

Speaking at a Paris meeting, attended by Gambians from all walks of life, president Adama Barrow, first acknowledged the presence of his Foreign Affairs Minister Ousainou Darboe, a man, he referred to as his political Godfather, and elder. Mr. Barrow, who is on his first European tour, recalled telling former Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh, during the campaign trail that he as “Darboe’s son” was out to oppose a despot, who occasionally branded his Dad Darboe, as an “old Pa” spent political force.

“Any sincere, decent and patriotic son, should maintain his father’s broken home. It was incumbent upon me as Darboe’s son to fight tooth and nail to ensure that this country was liberated from the clutches of Jammeh’s dictatorship. Hence, this gave birth to the formation of an opposition alliance to effect a political change,” Barrow said in the Mandinka dialect, while being applauded by his supporters.

It was a refreshing night, as the excited audience applauded their new leader.  Barrow’s speech was punctuated by clapping.

“I am proud to call myself as Darboe’s son. He is our political mentor, and Godfather. As Darboe’s son, I felt that it is my duty to fight and reassemble his broken home. Thanks to the seven opposition parties and one Independent Isatou Touray, we were able to come together to send Jammeh packing. The Gambia is a free country now. I must also acknowledge the magnificent contribution made by Gambians living in the diaspora, especially the social media activists in helping to disseminate information to the door steps of information thirsty Gambians. Information is power. As you may know, GRTS under Jammeh, was a no go area for the opposition. Thanks to social media, we were able to reach out to the electorate to sell our agenda to them,” he said.

Mr. Adama Barrow, used the Paris meeting to call on Gambians to go home and contribute their quota to national development. He said that now that Jammeh is gone, the next move is to rebuild the economically battered nation.

“We have achieved our first agenda: That was to see to it that Jammeh seizes to rule our country. Jammeh is history now. He is no more! The chain of slavery has been taken away on the neck of Gambians. Gambians are now free people. Let us come together to rebuild the country. Never forget that The Gambia is your home,” Barrow said.

Written By A Staff Writer

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