Bodies Of The Foni Landmine Tragedy Identified

Information is trickling in regards to the people who lost their lives during the landmine explosion in Foni. The incident which happened in Fass Chabai, in the Foni Jarrol District, claimed the lives of Jokong Sanneh and his two children. Yahya and Sheikh Omar Sanneh also died during the incident.

According to sources, Jonkong Sanneh, believed to be in his late 50s, was under the company of his two children to fetch firewood in the early hours of Thursday morning 8:30 am, when the landmine exploded on them. The Sannehs are residents of Foni Wassadou.

Lamin Faye, a Nurse at the Kalagi Health Center told the press that the bodies of the victims have been transported to the Bwiam Health Center for further medical evaluation. He said once the bodies have been medically examined they would be handed to the families for burial.

No one has claim responsibility for the incident.

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