Gambia: Sam Lobster Sarr Recalled For “Home Services.”

Sam Lobster Sarr, the Deputy Ambassador at the Gambian Embassy at the United Nations has been recalled for “home services” by the government of President Adama Barrow, Freedom Radio Gambia can report. Mr. Sarr received his recalling letter on Thursday before close of business. Sam’s successor is yet to be named.

The letter indicated that an Executive Order has been issued for Mr. Sarr to report to the Gambia for home service. The letter also urged Mr. Sarr to get in touch with Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs upon his arrival in the country.

There was no indication on the letter stating that Mr. Lobster Sarr has been fired. He has been recalled as dictated by the Foreign Service Regulation.

According to sources, Mr. Sarr is preparing for his home return. He has been asked to prepare a code for the shipment of his belongings and transportation of him Sam and his family to Banjul.

It should be noted that Mr. Sam Sarr entered a contractual employment agreement with the former Jammeh regime. His contract is due to expire in May, according to sources.

Mr. Sarr could not be reached for comment.

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