Gambia: Malick Jones Is The First Media Casualty Of The Barrow Gov’t; As Jones Got Fired!

Malick Jones, the Director General of the Gambia Radio and Television Services has been dismissed with immediate effect, Freedom Radio Gambia can report. Mr. Jones is one of the first causalities of the Barrow regime. The national purging of Jammeh enablers and supporters have begun in earnest. No reason was given for Jone’s termination.

Mr. Jone’s successor is yet to be named. Sources have it that Jones is threatening to file illegal termination lawsuit against the Barrow government in the courts.

Malick Jones started his media career at Radio Gambia, onetime known as Radio Kombo. He started as a disco jokey (DJ) and was subsequently elevated to the position of reporter, and producer.

Similar firings are expected in other government Departments. Mr. Jones could not be reached for comment.

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