Gambia: KGI Building Returns To Its Owner; Bakery to close soon!

It looks like dictator Yahya Jammeh’s businesses are on the verge of being closed, Freedom Radio Gambia can reveal. The Kanilai Bakery chain, Kanilai Farm, and Kanilai Group will soon cease operations.

The KGI building which shared the same complex with Standard Bank, and was seized from its rightful owner, by Jammeh,has been returned to the owner. Amadou Samba used to manage Jammeh’s properties. The property in question was under his supervision.

It has been gathered that the seized property has been returned to its owner. That’s the information we received. Our reporter has been assigned to further dig into the story.

Workers at the Kanilai Group International along the Kairaba Avenue, and the bakery are very sad at this hour. Information has reached the workers that the bakery should be closed.

Folks, who are used to the Kanilai bakery bread should brace up! There will be no Kanilai made bread.

The new government is on the verge of freezing all Jammeh assets and businesses. The dictator was running an illicit business enterprises. His tax evasion amounts to millions of dalasis. His workers were also poorly paid. For more on this story, stay tuned.

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