Gambia: Jammeh Foundation Robbed By Ansumana Jammeh And Co!

This is the information about JFP which is being closed and the money in the account being stolen by Ansuma Jammeh and Samina Azan. The story is that Ansuama Jammeh was dismissed by Yaya from Jammeh Foundation for Peace after he pleaded guilty of the offence of graft together with Sanna Bah and Assan Badjie and Ansumana was charged by court to loose his house off the Brusubi airport highway, a BMW and pay the balance within thirty six months amount of GMD25 million and ask him if he is paying the money and to whom is he paying the money to, of the GMD25million.
Samina Azan was the acting CEO but immediately Yaya Jammeh ran out of the country Ansumana went to JFP and said he is closing the foundation and they will not pay the staff in lieu of six months but only one month. But the staff decided to take the matter to labour; they changed their mind and paid them six months in lieu but what happens to the balance of the money in the account with Skype Bank and Trust Bank total more than Two million dalasis? Is it that the two want to share the money Ansumana Jammeh and Samina Azan; which is wron. The money should be handed over to another charitable organization.
So Pa, call Ansuamana Jammeh on 002209500000 and Samina Azan on 002207369035 put them on your media so that the people can hear them and ask Ansumana Jammeh to show you the letter that Yaya Jammeh wrote asking for the closure of Jammeh Foundation for Peace and how much money is left in the account before the closure of the foundation and why was it not given to another foundation. The staff terminated are Naffie Jammeh,  Secretary, Sariba Kanagie, Education officer, Ebrima Jobe project Manager, Yafatou Mballow, messenger, Fatou Gibba, cleaner. The accountant’s name I could not remember.
Please do not mention my name; just tell them you got the information from an insider
Next week I will give you some documents, which will show how corrupt Ansumana Jammeh is.
Written By An Insider
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