Gambia: Jailed NIA Officer’s Relative Threatens To Take Freedom Editor To The Jalangs!

A family member of the jailed NIA Deputy Director Louis Gomez, is threatening the Editor of the Freedom Radio Gambia. She is not happy that we are reporting on the atrocities committed by her loved one. She is talking about taking this Editor to a “Jalang” to harm him.  Laugh out loud. LOL. Louis Gomez has been accused of killing the late opposition official Ebrima Solo Sandeng. He is currently under state custody.

We have been writing about Mr. Gomez all these years, but she never reacted. She is speaking out as soon as a court remanded Louis for murder, pending the final determination of his murder case.

Threats will not intimidate us. We will continue to do our job without fear or favor. Let Louis’s relative get that.

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