Gambia: Breaking News: Suspected MFDC Rebels Rounded Up In Gambia!

Senegalese security forces, who are part of the ECOMIG contingent to provide security for the Transition government have reportedly rounded up some men believed to be from the Jolla ethnic group after accusing them of being part of the MFDC rebels based in the Southern province of Casamance, Freedom Radio Gambia, was reliably informed. Some of the suspected rebels were said to have been transported to Senegal for further processing. Those arrested were in civilian dress, sources added.

A security source who reached us said: “I want to bring to your attention about the arrest of some suspected rebels believed to be associated with the MFDC rebels. They were taken to Senegal for further processing. Folks suspected to be affiliated with the MFDC rebels loitering in the streets are being rounded up.”

Our source said he was privy to some suspected rebels, who were briefly interrogated in the Gambia, before being moved to Senegal. He said the recent crackdown on the APRC so called supporters in Foni, has led to the arrest of some rebels.

“Some of arrestees were secretly taken to Senegal. That I can tell you. They have been accused of subversive activities. I will keep you posted with developments,” he said.

There is an extradition treaty between the Gambia and Senegal. There is no word as to whether the alleged rebels were taken before an extradition court to facilitate their extradition to Senegal.

Neither the ECOMIG command nor the Senegalese security forces could be reached for comment.

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