Gambia: Breaking News: ECOMIG Forces Spotted In Three Foni Villages, As Planned Raids On Rebel Hideouts Is Imminent!

ECOMIG Forces have been spotted around Bajagarr, Sinanorr, and Batabut, in the Fonis, as they are planning to launch an operation in MFDC rebel hideouts in the region, Freedom Radio Gambia can reveal. Residents are in panic mood at this hour. Armed soldiers could be seen crisscrossing the area.

The above mentioned localities have been known to be used as rebel hideouts. Sources said the ECOMIG forces are determined to flush out the rebels residing along the border.

A security source who reached us said: The only way ECOMIG and the Barrow government can succeed in making the Gambia a rebel free zone is to engage the Jolla community living in the area. Jollas, who have suffered the brute of Jammeh’s dictatorship will be very useful in aiding the government in intelligence gathering and processing.”

Even though dictator Jammeh is living in exile in Equatorial Guinea, Jammeh still has influence over the rebels, sources said. Our source said that Jammeh is a security threat and should be closely monitored.

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