Gambia: Breaking News: Over 25 NIA Officers Nabbed By The Police!

Over twenty five NIA officers have been taken into custody, Freedom Radio Gambia can reveal. The officers were rounded up on Wednesday. They are being held by the police.

The detained officers are being held in regards to the disappearances, torture and murder of political detainees during dictator Yahya Jammeh’s rule. So far none of the arrested officers have been granted bail.

Interior Minister Mai Fatty is working with the police and the Justice Ministry to ensure that the cases of the detained officers are dealt with on a timely fashion to avoid unnecessary high backlog of cases. Fatty is yet to publicly comment on the mass arrest of the NIA officers.

The NIA used to be dictator Jammeh’s main torture chamber. Detainees have been tortured to death at the agency during Jammeh’s rule.

Today, the NIA is a virtual ghost agency. The officers who used arrest citizens are at the receiving end. Anxiety and worry continue to grip the NIA officers linked to the torture of Gambians.

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