Gambia: Breaking News: GDC’s Tina Faal, Her Daughter Natalia Gomez And Others Flee Banjul

Gambian political activist and GDC supporter Tina Faal has fled the country, Freedom Radio Gambia can reveal. Ms. Faal, travelled to Dakar, together with her daughter Natalia Gomez, and other family members. She arrived in Dakar, few days ago. She is also seeking shelter in Senegal, pending the removal of Jammeh.

Ms. Faal, suffered numerous persecution under Jammeh’s watch. She was arrested during the campaign trail after she was accused by Jammeh of extortion among other frivolous charges. That never made Tina to flee town. She stayed and fight her case in the courts.

Now that the political impasse remains unsettled, she decided to leave town with her family pending the return of peace in Banjul.

Sources at the Banjul Ferry Terminal said they saw Tina and her daughter Natalia, traveling  to Dakar. The duo are concerned about their personal safety. As such, they decided to leave town before the Thursday inauguration of President elect Barrow.

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