Gambian MP’s a disgrace.

Pa, I am shocked, and it is disheartening to see Gambian National Assembly members and APRC members spineless. Fabakary Tombong Jatta is a national disgrace and Gambians should bring him down and boycott him from all future political activity.

How dare they pass a resolution declaring state of an emergency? Don’t they know that the current unlawful regime has themselves caused the chaos. I am astonished to see how deluded and spineless the NA members are.

Can’t they see how the current government is on a melt down? Those who are educated, literate will do the right thing, have done the right thing such as a few ministers/secretaries of State – that is to shun the swine Jammeh.

The National Assembly members must know that they are by the people and for the people not for one idiot who single handedly is destroying the livelihoods, peace and stability of Gambia. Can’t they think that once Jammeh goes, and go he shall definitely they will be the most hated people in The Gambia. Their constituents shall never ever vote them in.

Message to GPF, GNA and Paramilitary:

Come tomorrow do not follow the orders of Jammeh. You will be against the constitution. Remember you are under an oath to protect Gambians and not stand against them or in their way. Your new president is H. E ADAMA BARROW.

If there is no choice left and you have to confront the Ecowas troops unwillingly play along till the end and put weapons down as soon as you see Ecowas coming for you. Once you put weapons down you’d be protected.

Saul Badjie shame on you, you are a pot addict. I know you well. You are a disgrace and your time is up. When we get you you are done deal man, I promise you that.

GNA now don’t let Jammeh abscond. Gambians and the world wants him alive. Don’t let him get away for the crimes he has perpetrated. He must go through the very courts who he has corrupted since last 22 years.


Buckle up, although unwanted it seems there is turbulent times ahead but hold on tight and don’t give in, dont give up. The new sun is about to rise up over the dear Gambia.

Africa and world eagerly looks upto you. Don’t let yourself divide. Instead join, and multiply

Jack Aspinall

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