Gambia: This “Wasted” Jammeh Assassin Is On The Run

His name is Sulayman Sambou. He is Ex-dictator Yahya Jammeh’s lead assassin. He is currently on the run. He is armed and dangerous. Contact the nearest law enforcement agency, if seen. He is always wasted (drunken).

He was spotted in the Casamance. His last known destination was Guinea Bissau. He is under the company of his co assassin team member Sanna Manjang.

Mr. Sambou, has killed a good number of people for dictator Yahya Jammeh. This is the guy, who tortured the late Solo Sandeng to death. He has raped women under his custody. He is a genocidal killer on the loose.

We urge our readers to email us with information about the exact whereabouts of Sulayman Sambou.  Thanks for your attention.

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