Gambia: Should We Be Wary of Yaya Jammeh leaving state house on January 19th and hiding in Gambia?

One of 2016’s most spectacular examples of regime’s dysfunctional legacy was Yaya Jammeh’s outrageous refusal to respect the Gambian verdict, stonewalling and not cooperating in handing over power. That dereliction of duty by Yaya Jammeh — did not only prevent the newly elected government their constitutional prerogative to start filling in key positions , perform a complete review of Nations financial health , accountability of prisoners etc, but the regime continued ways of conspiring to fly in newly hired mercenary Judges from Nigeria to overturned the elections results , recent death threats that made IEC Chairman to leave the country and many others to flee Gambia — just creates a high possibility of a negotiations deadlock.

Yaya Jammeh’s actions has been extreme and inexcusable. As I have noted above, the reprehensible actions of Yaya Jammeh to fly in judges to overturn the elections results — is a deliberate attempt to prevent the President Elect from assuming offices. This partisan gamesmanship of using panel of Nigerian mercenaries — is unconstitutional and harms our judiciary in the long run. Yaya Jammeh swore recently that— such a person, he will not allow them to take power – even if it means he will go to “Hell fire”. Many continue to wonder why after 22 years of power, Yaya Jammeh (a practitioner of idol-craft) — could not bring himself to support the Gambians choice, since he always boast he loves the country. Sabotaging the peaceful transfer of power is offensive not only because it undermines the Constitution, but because it perpetuates a partisan grudge match to divide Gambians. The sad reality is — Yaya Jammeh does not care the real impact his actions will have on all Gambians for decades to come.

Many Gambians welcomed the December 1st results to move the country forward . Yet, People’s excitement have turned into mourning until January 19th because the country is still in the hands of a brutal dictator — who is uninterested in Gambians needs, a reckless individual, and mendacious narcissist. However, Gambians do not want Yaya Jammeh to remain in the country — because it will be much harder to steer clear of harms due to his Neanderthal brutal nature, kidnapping of citizens, ritual sacrifice and dividing the nation further. It is not just Gambians who feel this way. There are plenty of non Gambians and heads of States feeling disappointed of Yaya Jammeh’s actions as well. The Gambian people victory has been captured by a dictator — who has no bedrock belief in laws of the country, does not share our values , any human principle from holy books; a man whose only allegiance appears to be to himself, very corrupt, very immoral, and only engage in massive self – enrichment in the past 22 years.

No one — certainly no Gambians — contemplated such a scenario, when the Dictator confessed on TV the actual vote margin he lost by and he accepted the result then . Nobody thought Yaya Jammeh will use the victory of Gambian people to threatened our country ever again. After when Gambians saw clearly everything Yaya Jammeh is doing publicly, this time — that concern is widespread and far from irrational, given Yaya Jammeh’s words, actions and erratic bullying temperament. Everything that makes Gambians happy, he tears it apart and he will retaliate “by means unfair or foul play,” — utilizing the powers of the state to arrest people wearing TS-shirts of “Gambia Has Decided”, tearing up posters of “Gambia Has decided” and widespread bullying.

Less well known is the fact that Yaya Jammeh is engaged clearing out the foreign exchange reserves of the country , shipping our multi- million dollar vehicles and other illegal items out of Gambia . More to the point, he is engaged in conspiratory theory mongering, pushing unending stream of falsehoods about the elections and feeding misconception to his loyalist. And then there are those among the Yaya Jammeh’s loyalists, Low-information voters and his dangerously unseasoned amateur Military heads — who buy into clearly insane ideas without having second thoughts. The sad thing is — these folks are well aware that Yaya Jammeh lost the elections and his mandate expires January 19th. They are also aware of his character flaws and reactionary tendencies — when it comes to keeping himself on power by any means necessary and what he does to people closed to him after using them. These are hardly insignificant to ignore , but their willful ignorance of vital knowledge — is what makes Yaya Jammeh to be more dangerous and refusal to hand over power. Its time they all respect the will of the people .

By Habib

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