Gambia: What Our Readers Around The World Say?

Congratulations people of The Gambia.

You are such a great nation focused on dispensing a genuine democracy. As a Ugandan, I have picked lots of lessons from your mighty country. LONG LIVE THE GAMBIA- LONG LIVE DEMOCRACY.


It’s a good precedent and all African leaders who a clinging on power should know that time will come when they are no longer holding power and leave their countries like Jammeh and others will die.


Hello fellow West Africans of the Gambia, it’s indeed a sad day in the history of the Gambia, when the people have no choice but to stand and watch their own been used against their existence in the name of peace.  Indeed, president Jammeh has left behind an unprecedented legacy of condoned corruption with vivid impunity.

But in the end, thank God that no one life of Gambian was lost. With life there is hope…..Barrow may change this course of history of the Gambia to a glorious opportunity for all Gambians. Let’s pray for the new president for God’s Devine favor to shine on him. Meanwhile, we want to thank Ecowas and AU for their first victory ever in bringing peaceful resolution a political crisis in the sub region. Even though it was done at the expense of the state of Gambia but it was done to preserve the lives of all Gambians……Bravo Ecowas!

Fofee Siryon

Congratulations to the people of the Gambia to have voted out the evil dictator and stood firm to elect President Adama Barrow!
Keep supporting democratic change and your new president! New parliamentary elections are necessary to get a parliamentary majority for the President and for change.
Build a new Gambia with democracy and Adama Barrow.
Best regards from a friend of The Gambia!
Hans Peter

Hans Peter Hauschild

Is he really flying with this old government plane, and not with the Mauritanian one? Is this old machine still airworthy?


African have to unite so that we can help our people, country and childrens

Musa Bangura: ( Philosopher )
This is my advice to our Africans
My Africans peoples, please, please let us Unite!
Africa Unite yourself,
Now is 2017 my Africans peoples,
now is 2017 and from today first of January 2017,
please, please for God’s sake let us Unite.

If all of us raise up together and put a belts around our waist and go together ahead and start working and stop complaining, then a lot of things can be done, but when it’s only one person who are working while 99 people are just talking, then it will take a more than 100 years and things will never be done.

I am very sorry my Africans brothers and sisters, but we have to unite ourselves yes, because no one can come and help us to unite, not America, Asia, Arab Saudi, Australia, Russia, Scandinavia and Europe, all of them can never help Africans to unite if we can not help ourselves, but all of them will help us to fight if is that what we want, yes then they can help you.

So my Africans brothers and sisters let unite ourselves and have one love, one heart and stop fighting.

Oh then from there I promise we can make a peaceful for our children, for our parents, for our country’s and also rest of the whole world.
Yes think about and com with more good comments and advice to our Africans.

Thanks for your support and God bless you.

Musa Bangura

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