Gambia: Plan of Action for Yahya exit

My dear brothers and sisters greetings. We all knew this day will come. The day you are called to stand up and defend our country from tyranny. Yahya Jammeh has drawn a line in the sand and he is betting that we the people will be too afraid of himself and his army to take our lives back. My People let us show Yahya that he is wrong. Let us tell him we are tired of the suffering and humiliation we have endured for 22 years of his misrule.

We the people have the real power to change our own destiny. Yahya is hoping to steal power from Adama Barrow by staying in place past Jan 19, 2017. He will start negotiating and demanding and pushing and extending the change date just one more day. Let us tell Yahya it won’t work. We can’t take one more day of Yahya.

We again ask ALL Gambians to exercise their constitutional rights of civil disobedience and REFUSE to show up for work starting Monday Jan 9Th, 2017.
We ask our friends all over the world including President Barack Obama, UN, UA, China and all world bodies and organization to place a travel ban on Yahya and ALL his support personnel, to freeze all their assets and to not give any aide to the Jammeh government effective Jan 9, 2017.
We ask Senegal to close all borders to trade effective Jan 9, 2017.
We ask ECOWAS to block access to all air and sea routes to The Gambia effective Jan 9, 2017.
We ask ask that all Gambians leave the SIN city of Kanilai immediately.
We ask ECOWAS to completely destroy by precision bombs Yahya’s SIN city were so many rapes, torture and death took place.
We ask all Gambians to leave Banjul immediately.
We ask ECOWAS to blockade Banjul as soon as the citizens are safe and wait for Yahya to exit.
We ask Yahya to listen to reason and do what is Allah’s will and peacefully walk out of the state house on Jan 18, 2017.
We ask with great regret and forgiveness from Allah that ECOWAS troops on Jan 19, 2017storm Yahya stronghold and remove him from power.

We know that all this can be avoided if Yahya peaceful relinquish power as we the people decided on Dec 1, 2016. We pray that Allah will protect our fellow citizens that Yahya has put in harms way. We pray no blood will be shed and not a single life lost because of Yahya greed, selfishness and crimes against The Gambia.

Finally I know that some if not most of my brothers and sisters will disagree about the action plan suggested for Kanilai, rest assured that once you find out the truth about the evil that occurred in that SIN city, you will certainly agree with it’s totally destruction.

God Bless The Gambia.

Dr Isatou Sarr

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