Gambia: Phony Jammeh Is Acting Like A Judge And Jury In Gambia’s Political Impasse

Hi Pa,

Like many Gambians, I want peace in my country therefore in principle welcomes Jammeh’s soften stance albeit his doing so under pressure. However, I have few concerns, Jammeh is trying to draft a general amnesty bill with only a week before the end of his presidency and wants Gambians to accept that. He is still acting as his own Judge and Jury. I am not saying that there should not be any form of amnesty for Jammeh and his cohort, however any such amnesty should be decided by the incoming Government in this case the coalition or at least in consultation with the office of the president elect.

Jammeh’s speech made no mention of the coalition but one may take it that he had alluded to the coalition as “stakeholders”, yet he wants to bind them with an amnesty bill that could potentially cause them a lot of legal and constitutional nightmare in the future. For a man who is jumping up and down swearing to defend the constitution, his ignorance of the constitution is mind numbing. I was and am still flabbergasted to hear him say on National TV that only the Supreme court can declare one a president as if the sections of the constitution that created the IEC are irrelevant.

Gambians must decide the price we are willing to pay for peace. Whatever our differing opinions on the subject may be, the price must be something that we can live with. It is pointless talking about amnesty and forgiveness without knowing whom and what the amnesty and forgiveness is for. Any amnesty for Jammeh and his cohort must have certain binding conditions on them.

The first of these conditions should be a full disclosure under oath by them of their crimes to a  Judicial Commission of Truth and Reconciliation.

Second, surviving victims and families of dead victims should be allowed to read a victim impact statement to the perpetrators and the commission so that they can have a better apprehension of the tragic devastation of lives cause by these crimes.

Third, they must be made to divulge the secret burial sites, for all bodies to be exhumed and DNA technology use to identify and give the victims a dignified burial in accordance with their religious beliefs and also give closure to their loved ones.

Fourth, people found culpable of committing crimes against Gambians and non- Gambians in the country whether they are soldiers, politicians or civil servants should face a minimum 10 years band to a life time band from working in the security services, civil service or holding political office.

Pa this is not an exhaustive list of the conditions Jammeh and his cohort should meet but my token contribution towards the issue. I know there are lots of Gambians with bright ideas to move our Great Nation forward so I humbly request their contributions to amend and expand on the above list.

I implore our brothers and sisters in uniform to distance themselves from the Clown of Defence Staff (CDS) Badjie and the Ignorant Goon of Police (IGP) Sonko and instead live by their oath to protect and serve the Gambian people without fear or favour in accordance with the Gambian constitution.

These two have shown serious lack of judgement by flip flopping their allegiance, because whilst most of you the real soldiers and police officers were celebrating with the public, these Clown and Ignorant Goon were busy switching sides. You cannot therefore trust these two to serve your best interest. Am guessing, that Clown Badjie and Ignorant Goon Sonko have done well for themselves from this situation and am also guessing that they will be adequately covered by Jammeh’s proposed amnesty. They can leave the country or just retire to their villages and live on the back hander they received from Jammeh but most of you won’t or don’t have that luxury. Brothers and sisters you have two options, be on the right side of history or be on the wrong side of history. Only you alone can make the choice. However I implore you all to make choice you can live with.

Best Regards

Buba Sanyang

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