Gambia: NIA Officers To Be Exposed

Pa, once again thank you for rendering such exemplary service to Gambians in the 22 horror years ago. In particular, I want to thank “the soldier” for his/her sacrifice in exposing the Gambian dictator that is Yahya Jammeh

Though I am not by any means a rich man, I want to make an offer to any Gambian who can provide a comprehensive, independently verifiable list of NIA agents in and out of the country.

I will put on the table a sum of $1000 for you to give to any one providing such vital information for Gambians. We need to know the names of all those abducting, torturing, raping, and killing Gambians.

If exposed, we can also know the family members of these torturers and killers, and let them know that they may face prosecution and in some cases revenge.

If these NIA abductions are not challenged, Jammeh will be bolder and may be tempted to go for even coalition members.. Gambians cannot go back to nightmare days of Jammeh’s primitive rule.

Written By Momodou Kaba Fatty

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