Gambia: The lowlight of Good News haven’t bring out much needed confidence to stop people from fleeing the country

The lowlight of Good New haven’t bring out much needed confidence to stop people from fleeing the country.

There is an inconvenient truth to be told. Right now, via its brutal proxies, the regime is manipulating events on the ground and Gambians aren’t too comfortable . They are leaving the country. This is sad. So, obviously, all the loop holes of avenues Yaya Jammeh wanted to take has being exposed or blocked . ECOWAS and UN are trying to bring about a peaceful resolutions and even helping(educating ) Yaya Jammeh with his shocking ignorance of our constitutional structure. The more important point here is that — no one disagrees an inauguration of newly Elected government will take place on January 19th. The bad news is that, so far, all the  good news happening  haven’t temper down the fears and Concerns  of war.

Unfortunately, there’s a widespread assumption by many Gambians  that  a   tone-deaf Yaya Jammeh  and his Generals are bound up to go to war.  Many are at a loss as to why Yaya Jammeh —  who actually lost the elections,  would disagree to hand over power peacefully. Some are  utterly baffled by the recent behaviors—  of arresting citizens, closing down radio stations that broadcast another point of view and the sudden heavy censorship of GRTS to spread propaganda only.

The lesson is clear: Gambians do not trust Yaya Jammeh and feel like he is determined to bring pain in every doors step , just because he lost the Elections.  As the regime continues punching downward — by attacking a powerless wearing “Gambia Has Decided” T-Shirts, disenfranchised Gambians with crude rhetoric. Furthermore,  Yaya Jammeh gave a new year speech – in such a palpably and offensively condescending tone , essentially accusing Elections as being a fraud. A panic population, confused by events on the ground  and fake news washing up on the shores of Facebook , made people —started packing to leave the Country .

It’s a safe bet to say when a tone-deaf Yaya Jammeh gave his New Year speech , it  triggered the  panic we are seeing today. Also, reports of his men marking red paint on certain houses —  increased the panic level and made a lot of people uncomfortable.  Similar reactions sprouted up in Foni area when Yaya Jammeh’s hench men —regarded those noble residence that paid a courtesy visit to President Elect as traitors and started  harassing them  — there’s a perverse irony here.

Putting aside Yaya Jammeh’s tendentious misreading of Election results, Gambians have never felt comfortable and have a trust relationship with his words. He has always proof reckless and not credible at all.  They just don’t trust him because—  he has committed all the crimes written on all holy books . Also, he does not recognize his moral obligation to a to the   disempowered segment of the population. This is something that feeds neatly into his regimes  cultural prejudices that have allowed Yaya Jammeh —  to make so many disastrous mistakes and committed worst crimes from infants to the insane folks.

This is why most of us learned from our mother knees that—  facts are stubborn things, and sometimes they lend credence to storylines that storytellers find inconvenient. Yaya Jammeh and Zainab Jammeh can talk about peace all they want but, it doesn’t obscure the fact that — numbers  murders actually, you know, happened which were very intentional . The regime will humiliate Gambian elders and they always bent or jettisoned truth and replace it with falsehood. This is so embarrassing because Gambians gave Yaya Jammeh every opportunity to leave the country peacefully , but he is determine to cause problems.  Hopefully, ECOWAS upcoming meeting on Wednesday, could change the current impasse and restore confidence in people.

by Habib

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