Gambia: Jammeh’s Chief Enabler Mama Singhateh Resigns

Gambia’s Justice Minister Mama Singhateh, has been smuggled out of the country, Freedom Radio Gambia, can confirm. The former Jammeh enabler has been working on her  exit out from town for some time now. She tendered her resignation letter before fleeing the country.

Ms. Singhateh, has been complicit in aiding and abetting dictator Yahya Jammeh. Some folks in Senegal, made arraignments for her safe exit from the West African country.

Sources in Dakar, said the Senegalese intelligence have been interviewing some of the fleeing former officials before they could be allowed to settle in the country.

Senegal has playing an integral part in ensuring that President elect Barrow’s electoral victory is not stolen by Yahya Jammeh. Some of the absconded Gambian officials were encouraged to jump ship before it is too late.

Dakar is currently overpopulated with Gambians. Both young, old, and the elderly have been on the run trying to seek safe heaven in the French speaking nation.

According to sources, once Yahya Jammeh is deposed, the Gambian refugees would return home. Meanwhile, the Senegalese government has promised to provide food and shelter for the Gambian refugees.

Written By A Correspondent

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