Gambia: Why is Jammeh going like this?

Why is Jammeh going like this?  Was he not the one who killed hundreds of people in our beloved country The Gambia? was he not the one who kept our people hostage? was he not the one who sacrifice our sisters and children and slept with them? was he not the one who enriched himself with our resources to by luxury cars, homes and business centres around the world?

Jammeh who turned Gambia into graves and put us behind the wall for twenty-two years in the darkness where only mosquitoes became our friends by sucking our blood, after sometimes he came to say he can cure AIDS.

Yahya Jammeh called on every Gambian to go back to the land and grow what they eat and eat what they grow in which he want every one to work on his farm in Kanilai by force.

He open one employment field that is security. If you don’t want to serve as security in The Gambia the you have to leave Gambia by using backway to Europe. He also said if anyone is not satisfy with the salary paid can also leave the job. Upon hearing this as a teacher, cried and leave the field to stay at home with my family at least for better. Those who save so amount at Teachers Union Credit Union went for their money and go backway by using Sahara desert and Mediterranean sea to Europe in which thousands died on the voyage.
He built a political University where only few can afford to pay but still saying free education for all. After finishing you again go to another universities in foreign countries for better recommendations if not your carrier will become useless.

After agreeing to go he claims properties. Look this man is an idiot, did he came with properties? he came as poor rat in the mosque.

May all our wealth be return in peace and Dabili monkey go to hell cause I cannot call him Babili Mansa.

Written By Jerreh Sanneh

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