Gambia: Impunity

If you kill one person you go to jail; if you kill twenty people; you go to institution for the insane; if you kill unquantifiable number of people in your country, bring in human sufferings; you get political asylum.

President Jammed has accepted to go into exile, no doubt he will live a life of idleness and luxury using the funds in his Swiss and Panama bank accounts. No suggestion of any criminal charges of restitution of appropriated wealth and human rights violations.

No indication of any violence, injury or threats to life and either no sign of any unprincipled APRC political supporter or loyalist from the “Junglers”, the presidential guards or the NIA rising to sabotage the new democracy. President Jammed is a lucky man and president Barrow to a lucky man will not be presiding a country of dead bodies and Gambian blood. There is no Brutus, and no Caesar.

I have a much worse fate in mind for tyrants than a luxury chalet in the Alps. And a much better future in mind for The Gambia than a new dictator emerging from the top brass of the Army. There is maturity in the political class as well in the military. Long live The Gambia.

Written By Alagi Yorro Jallow

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