Gambia: Former Jammeh And First Lady Tutu Faal Jammeh Bodyguard Will Be Live On Freedom Radio Today

Mr. Pateh Bah, a former bodyguard to Yahya Jammeh, and his wife Tuti Faal Jammeh, is going to join us live on Freedom Radio Gambia,  later this afternoon. Mr. Bah, wants to share his views on the current political situation unfolding in The Gambia. Mr. Bah is a native of Sinteh. He now lives in Wisconsin.

Folks, do not miss Pateh’s Freedom radio appearance. Mr. Bah, is very conversant about the life of the Jammehs. Here is one person, who was trusted by the Kanilai monster. But once Pateh, discovered that Jammeh, is not Gambia’s promised leader, he decided to jump ship, Ironically, both Pateh Bah, and First Lady Tuti Faal Jammeh are now living in exile in the United States.  Stay tuned.

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