Gambia: File Burning At The NIA: NIA’S Yanks Badjie And Co Burns NIA Files Hours Before Jammeh Went On Exile!

Highly placed sources within the National Intelligence Agency, have revealed about the massive burning of the agency files hours before dictator Yahya Jammeh went on a self-imposed exile in Equatorial Guinea. NIA DG, Yankuba Badjie, was said to have authorized the burning of the NIA files. NIA agents said sensitive investigative files were destroyed by the agency. The goal was to defeat any present and future prosecution of the agency’s Intel agents, our source said.

The NIA boss Yanks Badjie, has been seen around President Barrow, and the Transition Team members. This is a wake up call for the new government. Yankuba Badjie, is working against your interest and that of the people, who voted you into office. If Yanks, had meant well for The Gambia, and her people, he wouldn’t have authorized for the destruction of those important NIA files.

There are agents at the NIA, who witnessed the burning of the agency’s files. The new government should suspend Yanks Badjie, and place him under close surveillance until such time that his fate is decided by a competent court of law.

Under the circumstances, it would be virtually impossible for President Barrow to disband the NIA, without seeking an amendment of the constitution. The NIA was established by Decree 45. The NIA reports to the President, per the said Decree. That Decree must be repealed before Barrow, can rename or change the agency. He can set up his own agency, which must be sanctioned by the Constitution. That’s a possibility.

Pa Badou Conteh, AKA lord, should stay away from Yanks. The duos socialized a lot. Yanks is always around Pa Badou, who is a member of the Judicial Service Commission. There is a shop that the duos used as “grand palace.”  Perhaps, Pa Badou, will help us with information once Yanks is nabbed and taken to court for aiding a dictator.

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